IBMakapala Renovation Project is UNDERWAY!



#IBMakapala_RenoProject is underway!

We are super blessed to have friends in the community who support and believe in the vision and mission here at #IBMakapala and who have offered their time and skill to help us make these improvements.

On queue for this phase of the renovation project:
– Game Room / Lounge
– Dorm bathrooms (boys and girls / showers, toilets, sinks, floors)
– Stairs (both front stair cases and rear stair case along with ramp)

We believe that these improvements will help to create and provide a safer and more comfortable environment for those who hold retreats here and also for those who come to our community programs (workout nights, Hula, Worship Nights, etc) that we hold here.

The reality is this project is a huge step of faith for us but one that we believe we are to take.

We would be honored if you would be willing to join us in that step. If you are, here are a few ways you can do that:

1. Like and share this post (and use #IBMakapala_RenoProject hashtag)
2. Pray for the completion this project
3. Support this project financially
– go to
– click on “ways to give” tab
– click on ISLAND BREEZE MINISTRIES (You’ll be linked to our PayPal account)
4. We would also love to hear your Makapala story. They are important reminders of what God has done but also encouragements of what He can continue to do. Tag us and use #MyMakapalaStory #IBMakapala
5. Let us know if you’re willing to help demo, clear, and/or clean. There’s a lot of work and a lot of help will be needed.

Once again, #mahalo for all your love and support through the years. Looking to build and continue that legacy in this and the coming generations.

#IBMakapala Team

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