Lots Done, Still More To Do

Hey Ohana, we’re pretty deep into the #IBmakapala_RenoProject. But in order to finish it right, we’re in need of some funds. Here’s a link to our YouCaring page. (http://www.youcaring.com/IBMakapalaRenoProject)

We’ve already raised $30,000 for the project, but we need to raise about $20,000 more. We know that this is a large number, but it is doable. Here’s how.

Actually before we continue on, if there is someone with an extra $20,000 lying around and would like to make a contribution to the project…we will most certainly welcome your gift. 😉

…but for the people who don’t have an extra $20,000, (ourselves included) you might have an extra $5. So basically here’s how we think we can get there.

Our #IBMakapala FB page has 713 likes. If everyone who “liked” the page gives $5 that comes to $3565.

So STEP 1: If we all can give $5 to the #IBMakapala_RenoProject at http://www.youcaring.com/IBmakapalaRenoProject

Then STEP 2: Ask at least 5 more people to give $5 to the project. If 713 of us can get 5 people to give $5 that will come out to $17,825.

$17,825 + $3565 = $21,390

People are obviously free to give more or less than $5 and get more or less friends to join in, but if it averages out to $5 and 5 friends…we get there. #Give5Get5More

BTW, we need to finish the renovations by the end of May as #CampLokahiSummer2017 starts on June 5th!

Here are a few photos of the progress. Mahalo for all your prayers and support!

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