Makapala Stories

Over the years, hundreds of lives have been impacted by the people and programs here at the Makapala Retreat Center. Here are a some of their stories.


“Makapala is home to many and a place where so many have been impacted and poured into.” – Mikala Fernandez (click here to read more)


“I help yearly with children & teen camps as well as bringing my own youth with fellow team members to enjoy all what Makapala offers. I use a wheelchair to go everywhere and to do everything…” – Jonas Mahoe (click here to read more)



“What i learned so far at this camp they’re like a really huge family…and the testimonies were really relatable to us…and we were able to relate to that so we would know we’re not the only ones that are struggling.” – Linensa (click here to watch the FCC video testimony)

We currently have numerous facility renovation projects in the works and many ongoing property maintenance needs. When you invest in the Makapala Retreat Center, you not only invest in the building and property, but you invest in the lives of those who come through this special place.

If you would like to make a monetary donation, please click here for more information.